Conservatories – T-Shaped

The T-Shaped conservatory is ideal for a larger property which has a long wall to build the conservatory on.

A versatile style, the T-Shaped conservatory allows you to create two individual living areas within the one room; for instance, you could use one section as a dining room or to add space to your lounge and the other section as a garden room or a playarea – the choice is yours.

Another great advantage of the T-Shaped conservatory is that the central part of the conservatory projects into the garden, making your home and garden a seamless whole. The central projection also makes the conservatory into a porch, an opportunity to highlight your elegant French doors.

The T-shaped conservatory is one of the most beautiful styles available, with the top part of the T adjoining the house and the other section extending into the garden. The T-shaped conservatory tends to be a large style and is certainly suitable for a larger family and larger property – particularly those that have a big garden, as the conservatory does eat into the garden as it extends from the house.

Versatile in use, the T-Shaped conservatory also comes in different shapes – the smaller area of the conservatory is available in three-facet, five-facet, or just straight-sided. This section of the conservatory looks spectacular if you add steps to lead down to the garden. Timberlook will ensure that your T-shape conservatory matches the style of your house, whether it be period, modern, or even a bungalow, maintaining an integrated, attractive look to your home.

However you use your T-Shaped conservatory, and whatever style you choose, you’ll find that it the T-Shaped creates a great deal of space and has a welcome versatility as well as a beautiful shape that will enhance any property.