Conservatories – P-Shaped

The P-Shaped Conservatory is a combination of the Lean-to and Victorian, making it an ideal choice for large detached properties or if you’re looking for a larger conservatory to add on to your home.  The shape of the conservatory creates lots of space without eating into the garden.Like the Victorian conservatory, the P-Shaped can be three-faceted or five-faceted. This means that the P-Shaped is a versatile style of conservatory, especially as the conservatory can extend in different directions. Its shape splits the conservatory into two different areas, allowing you to use it for two different purposes – for example, using the longer section as a dining area or a lounge and the rounded part as a playroom. Its shape is also great for adding needed space to your home without taking over the garden.The shape of the conservatory creates maximum space while keeping a sense of proportion to the property. Its design can be tailored to suit your property as well – the rounded part can come in either a three- or five-segment design and the longer section can have a hipped roof or a Lean-to end.

This versatility applies not only to its shape. A P-shaped conservatory is available in a range of finishes and can be uPVC, hardwood, or aluminium. You have the choice of frame and glass, of extending the conservatory from the ground up, or of building it on a dwarf wall to match the existing brickwork of the property. Whichever style you choose, the P-Shaped conservatory is the perfect way to combine modern and traditional styles, filling your home with light and space, and adding versatility.