Glazed Extensions

Adding a conservatory to your property is an excellent way of bringing your home and garden together. The Veranda Glazed Extension takes this concept even further. The extension has glazing bars which extend the glass over the conservatory, opening out the room so that it feels it is part of the garden.
Glazed Extension

The Bi-Fold Doors open up the glazed extension to the garden, turning it into a veranda, a great way for entertaining guests.

This makes the glazed extension ideal for all types of weather. The glass forms a ‘cocoon’, protecting the room from adverse weather conditions and keeping it warm. The glazed extension is fitted with sliding doors or bi-fold doors which means that in the summer the conservatory opens up competely, creating a much bigger space – perfect for barbeques.

The design of the glazed extension makes it a cross between a conservatory and an extension, with all the advantages of each. You can choose just how you want your glazed extension to look. There is a choice of supporting walls and of two different roofs – the Classic or the latest Classic Plus, which features built-in tracks for shading devices (Shades). These shades are covered with a soft fabric to match your home furnishings, while on the outside of the conservatory they have a weatherproof fabric to protect them.

A glazed extension is a stylish and exciting addition to your home, with the open features of a veranda but also with the protection of a conservatory, making it ideal for all types of weather.